What We Do

Cardiostream focuses its solutions on the two major areas:


ultrasoundCardiostream offers a diverse multi-modality solution to include Echocardiogram, Stress Echocardiogram, Upper and Lower Vascular and Arterial, Carotid, Nuclear Cardiology, PET/CT and many others (see the list here). We offer Standardized ASE, IAC Echocardiography, IAC Nuclear Cardiology and IAC Vascular accredited or customizable Structured Reporting templates, measurement and re-measurement capabilities, and storage with historical report and image comparison with a complete paperless clinical review process.



pet_screenThe Clinical review process should be seamless- don’t accept solutions that require moving data by CD’s or require expensive workstations. Clinical information should be retrievable from any web-enable computer from anywhere, easily accessed and utilize a complete electronic solution. Cardiostream simply takes the burden of maintaining a digital solution away from your bottom line and moves it to ours. Set-up, implementation, and training can be completed in days and a complete turn-key digital network can instantly provide convenience for the clinical staff, worry-free storage, maintenance, and up-to-date performance.

CardioStream successfully co-exists in clinical environments heavily invested in PACS infrastructures or can provide sole source solutions. Regardless of your business model—e.g.—hospital, medical group, primary care physician office, or mobile services, CardioStream can connect seamlessly with referral sources that have choices on where to send their patients for consulting, clinical review, and specialist care. We offer diversified solutions to our clients, inquire about the Modalities we can offer your company.

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The flow of CardioStream Technology involves four key phases:




Cardiostream installs a Software Application (SonoAim) to connect with the modality to acquire images and clinical information. Cardiostream Interfaces with many existing systems such as Philips, GE, SonoSite, Mindray, Biosound, ATL, Siemens, Samsung and others.  We also offer templates for many study types (see the list here).

Information such as patient demographics and measurements are auto-populated so there is no need for time consuming manual entry or human error. A point and click Structured Report generator allows the Technologist to easily add their preliminary findings and create the report. This eliminates any human error and the need for transcription services for processing dictated reports, saving time and money.

The structured reports created allow compliance with accreditation guidelines such as IAC Vascular, IAC Echocardiography, and IAC Nuclear Cardiology .



Images/data are encoded, encrypted, and transmitted via secure HIPAA Compliant internet access to the Cardiostream Cloud Data Center.

hipaa_complianceHere they are made available for viewing and interpretation from any web- enable computer. No internet connection—no problem. Data is saved for transmission when connection is available. Internet connection is interrupted—no problem. Study data is sent when connection is re-established.


datacenter_2Images and data are received, archived, and stored in the Cardiostream Cloud Data Center and accessed by utilizing HIPAA Compliant username/role/password information.

Cardiostream utilizes two independent Data Centers for storage and backup. Our Cloud Data Centers are the heart of our Software as a Service (Saas) web-based solution.

Their unique design includes multiple, redundant and diverse high-speed internet connections, state-of-the-art security systems and procedures, fully redundant power, cooling and environmental systems. Our offering includes fully redundant servers and storage that is replicated across multiple locations to ensure that your data remains safe and HIPAA compliant.


Each Data Center has:

  • Physical security with single point of entry, coded key cards, setbacks, fencing, active guard patrols, ID checks, visitor screening, active video monitoring, and biometric access control (both iris scans and fingerprints). Other areas of focus include information security, operations security, internal security, and logical security, with the latter being supported by two-factor authentication, testing with intrusion detection, penetration tests, and other aspects of logical access. The Data Centers also utilizes a wide array of additional security protocols and procedures, not all of which we will share here for obvious reasons.
  • Redundant Power Systems with two power sources for each of the two Data Centers. The Data Centers have deployed a truly state-of-the-art uninterruptible power architecture delivering industry leading power density with total capacity of more than thirty megawatts (MW). In the event of a power loss each Data Center has six Caterpillar generators for backup with an 84,000 gallon capacity of diesel fuel on site with refueling contracts for on call refueling. In the event of a need to backup these generators there is a UPS backup as well.
  • Climate control of the Data Centers is kept at a consistent 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity to keep all of the servers and electronics functioning as designed. A fully redundant cooling plant that accommodates more than 240 Liebert air handlers, moving more than 13 million cubic feet of air per minute ensures that even the highest density systems stay cool.
  • Fire Protection is provided with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus to provide the earliest possible warning of a potential fire event by detecting smoke particles at the incipient (first) stage of fire. FM200 Fire Suppression is used in the event of a fire.

Clients and their respective customers/referral base have anywhere, anytime access to the Cardiostream Cloud for appropriate clinical data from any web-enabled computer.

Historical studies can be accessed with ease to allow review of patient history no matter where the study was done. Additionally Cardiostream provides the ability for administrators to analyze data and create reports to better manage their practice and to help in accreditation review preparation. When reports are finalized by the Interpreting Physician they can be automatically faxed or emailed to desired personnel. Reports may also be seamlessly integrated and sent to EMR systems and EHR systems via HL7 Interface or provided to an FTP server in PDF format. Prior to go-live, CardioStream populates client database with usernames, passwords, roles, customizable statements, and all contact information to correctly identify, notify and connect members of the network.


  • Referring/Ordering Physician Physicians- Either within or outside a client organization have instant access to final reports from any web-enabled computer.
  • Technologist- Technologists can access the system either locally or via the web.
  • Reading Physicians- Simply go to CardioStream's clinical website and enter the appropriate username, password and role.
  • Specialist- If a reading physician refers the patient to another physician (specialist) for care; rather than burning a CD or sending a videotape, they simply forward the study to the CardioStream clinical site, provide username and password, and the specialist has unlimited access to the patient's study and report.
  • Billing- Customizable information for the billing department to utilize in their billing activities, accessible via any web-enabled computer.
  • Medical Records- Medical records has the ability to access the study and print a copy for their patient files, also accessible via any web-enabled computer.
  • Client Administrator- Although CardioStream provides customer support; a client administrator will be trained and become efficient in managing the day-to-day operations of the CardioStream network. Cardiostream also provides Administrative support and assistance in accreditation requirements by providing the ability to create reports for auditing, productivity statistics and outcome tracking.


FDA 510kCardiostream is FDA 510(k) approved and our entire product and features are HIPAA Compliant. Our Structured Reporting software provides Technicians and Physicians the ability to guide them to create IAC Echocardiography, IAC Nuclear Cardiology and IAC Vascular accreditation compliant reports.